Tourism and Events Queensland and Stakeholder plans and strategies guiding the development and promotion of Tropical North Queensland.

Tropical North Queensland Destination Tourism Plan

The Tropical North Queensland Destination Tourism Plan, in articulating the agreed tourism direction for the destination, provides the strategic platform and priority actions for:
  • guiding Tourism and Events Queensland, Tourism Tropical North Queensland and other stakeholders' individual planning and programs; and
  • fostering the efficient, effective and coordinated use of resources to grow sustainable tourism development in Brisbane to 2020.

Tropical North Queensland Tourism Opportunity Plan

The Tropical North Queensland Tourism Opportunity Plan (TOP) provides direction for the sustainable development of tourism in the Tropical North Queensland region over the next ten years to 2020.

The TOP aims to:

  • Identify new and upgraded tourism product that meets future visitor expectations and demands;
  • Identify the need for new investment in infrastructure that supports the ongoing development of tourism;
  • Provide relevant research based information on tourism supply and demand; and
  • Provide an agreed focus and mechanism for engagement with tourism industry, infrastructure providers and private investors.

Cape York Camping and National Park Plan

The purpose of the Cape York Camping and National Park Tourism Framework is to identify and coordinate the development of a practical and relevant action plan for the development of nature based tourism visitor experiences and infrastructure requirements on Cape York that will provide economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities.

The Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait Tourism Development Action Plan

The Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait have stunning natural assets and a rich and diverse cultural heritage providing ideal foundations for the region to become a significant tourism destination.

The Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait Tourism Development Action Plan works towards the development of tourism in the region by building upon these fundamental natural attributes. Collaboration with the tourism industry, government and local communities is paramount in the implementation of the plan.

Tourism development throughout the Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait will undoubtedly be a positive move towards meeting the increasingly diverse demands of both domestic and international visitors, but it is not exclusively for the benefit of visitors or the tourism industry alone. The development of tourism opportunities will in turn provide employment, training and career path opportunities for the locals of the Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait.

A major focus of the plan is to increase the involvement of local Indigenous people in all facets of tourism by generating opportunities for locally-owned and managed businesses and joint commercial ventures with the commercial tourism industry. It is important that any tourism development on the Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait is sustainable and protects the local culture, traditions and the environment.