Tourism and Events Queensland and Stakeholder plans and strategies guiding the development and promotion of the Whitsundays.

Whitsundays Regional Snapshot

This snapshot report provides an overview of visitors to the Whitsundays, with high-level details including where they came from, why they came and what they spent during their visit. Changes over time, drivers of change and insights into trends are also included.

Whitsundays operator uptake of environmental initiatives

In 2010 benchmark research on the uptake of environmental initiatives by Whitsundays tourism operators was conducted. This report includes details on the uptake of energy, water and waste management initiatives.

Whitsundays Destination Tourism Plan

The Whitsundays Destination Tourism Plan, in articulating the agreed tourism direction for the destination, provides the strategic platform and priority actions for:

  • guiding Tourism and Events Queensland's, Whitsundays Marketing and Development Limited and other stakeholders' individual planning and programs; and
  • fostering the efficient, effective and coordinated use of resources to grow sustainable tourism development in the Whitsundays to 2020

Whitsundays residents have their say on tourism

A survey of Whitsundays residents was conducted to determine their perceptions on the effect of tourism on their community. This factsheet covers the survey findings.

Whitsundays Tourism Opportunity Plan

The purpose of the The Whitsundays Tourism Opportunity Plan (TOP) is to provide direction for the sustainable development of tourism in the Whitsunday region.

This document is an update of the Mackay Whitsundays Regional Tourism Investment and Infrastructure Plan (RTIIP) 2006-2016.  This particular document however, relates only to the Whitsundays region (a separate document has been developed for the Mackay region).

The original Mackay Whitsunday RTIIP was the very first created in Queensland. This new document focuses on the priority catalyst projects for the Whitsunday region as determined in consultation with the Queensland State Government, Whitsunday Regional Council, Whitsundays Marketing and Development, Regional Development Australia Mackay Whitsunday Issac (RDA) and industry. This reflects the change in priorities over the last five years and also notes that some of the existing catalyst projects identified in the previous RTIIP have already been completed.

The plan aims to: 

  • Identify new and upgraded tourism product that meets future visitor expectations and demands;
  • Identify the need for new investment and infrastructure that supports the ongoing development of tourism;
  • Provide relevant research-based information on tourism supply and demand; and
  • Provide an agreed focus and mechanism for engagement with the tourism industry, infrastructure and private investors.

Key projects that have been identified include an Airlie Beach flow rider attraction, Airlie Beach Community, Event and Conference venue and the Whitsundays Dive Wreck Trail.