Experience Development

Today's guests want more than just to see the sights. They want to learn, participate and engage with local people and places when they travel. They want stories of amazing people and places they can share with their friends and family. Visitors are looking for a tourism experience - the emotional feeling or personal achievement a visitor derives from the purchase, participation or consumption of a tourism product. 

The Tourism Product is what the customer buys, the tourism experience is what they remember.

What is an 'experience'?

Visitors ultimately create their own experiences, but they do this by drawing on what you provide at every level of your product. Experiences are the meeting point between what visitors bring to the moment and what you provide them. This control over the external elements is the way you stage the experience so that visitors get the most out of it. At the core of an exceptional visitor experience is your company's ability to purposefully and thoughtfully combine your physical and human assets with the emotional interactions that visitors are looking for. The diagram below illustrates the process of moving from offering individual commodities, products and services to offering compelling experiences.

Experience Spectrum demonstrates the process of moving from offering individual commodities, products and services to offering compelling experiences.

What are 'Hero Experiences'?

Hero experiences are the 'essence' of a destination and are those:

  • world class iconic experiences that provide a destination with a real competitive advantage over other destinations,
  • experiences that focus on what is truly unique or memorable or engaging about a destination, and
  • experiences that meet the needs of identified target markets.

Why 'Hero Experiences'?

Focusing on a destination's 'Hero Experiences' is:

  • responding to the demands of our domestic and international visitors,
  • designed to gain a competitive advantage over other destinations, and
  • an opportunity to focus the efforts of tourism stakeholders and create partnerships.

In conjunction with our stakeholders, destination 'Hero Experiences' have been identified for each of Queensland's 13 destinations. Corresponding fact sheets can be found in each relevant destination section of this site at teq.queensland.com/destinations 

What are 'Signature Experiences'?

Your written signature is unique, confirms your identify and makes your promise legally binding. It is the same for your 'Signature Experience'. It defines what is unique and different about your product, something you do especially well, distinguishes you from other products and makes you stand out in people's minds. It is consistent with your brand and the image you want to project, and it encompasses your commitment and promise to your guests. A 'Signature Experience' strengthens and supports your destination 'Hero Experiences'.


Creating WOW Experiences

Tourism and Events Queensland, in partnership with Griffith University, has developed the Creating WOW Experiences video series and supporting resources to assist tourism operators to respond to increasing visitor demand for exciting, engaging and authentic experiences. The resources will explore how to bring your experience to life through story making and experiential marketing.    

Module 1: Inspiring Experiential Travel
Evolve and revolutionise. Look to provide awe-inspiring, positive word-of-mouth, holiday-of-a-lifetime experiences. 

Worksheet 1



Module 2: Creating a Memorable Experience
What experience do you offer, what are your region's hero experiences, how can you leverage off these and what hidden gems could you share? 


Worksheet 2



Module 3: Knowing Your Guest and What they Want
Understand your current guests, identify who is your ideal customer, and adapt to changing markets. 


Experience Development Worksheet three

Worksheet 3


Module 4: Storytellers - Bringing the Experience to Life

What are you passionate about in your destination? What can you share? How can you weave your story into the product delivery? How can you surprise and delight your customers? 

Experience Development Worksheet four
Worksheet 4




Module 5: Creating Moments of Surprise and Delight

What is your destination brand promise and how does the experience you offer connect to it? Do your staff live the brand and what can you do to improve it?
 Experience Development worksheet five
Worksheet 5

Delivering the Promise
Every business across the tourism spectrum has a role to play in delivering the visitor experience. The Hero Experiences Guidebook will help inspire you to deliver the best experiences for your visitors and help your business prosper. 

Cover Image of Hero Experience Guidebook
Hero Experiences Guidebook - Creating memorable visitor experiences