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Great Barrier Reef Assets Manual

TEQ has developed a Great Barrier Reef Manual for tourism operators. Access copyright free Great Barrier Reef content and resources to boost your consumer marketing.

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Queensland Media Centre

The TEQ Queensland Media Centre pulls together a range of Great Barrier Reef media resources including fact sheets, copyright free stories, images and footage, which are available for use in promoting Queensland and generating media content.

Check out the Great Barrier Reef resources via the Queensland Media Centre.

For more ways to experience the Reef check out the 101 ways to do The Great Barrier Reef and The secret side of the Great Barrier Reef ebooks. 

Tourism and Events Queensland Image and Footage Gallery

Search through Tourism and Events Queensland's ultimate collection of high resolution images and footage. The Queensland Image Gallery includes a selection of images showcasing the diversity and splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. Images are available to travel and tourism industry professionals, media and anyone seeking professional images for use in the positive promotion of Queensland.

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To access Great Barrier Reef footage, click the Footage Gallery ‘Enquiries’ button and you will be redirected. Our team will respond at their earliest convenience.

Queensland Blog

Hello Sunshine is Tourism and Events Queensland’s official consumer travel blog written for potential travellers by writers who know the state and are passionate about Queensland.

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