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Domestic visitors to Queensland and regions

These snapshot reports provide an overview of the domestic visitors to Queensland and its regions. The information includes number of visitors, their reason for travel and their expenditure, and is supplemented by interpretations and comparisons to other tourism trends within Australia and Queensland. 

Domestic Tourism Snapshot Year ending September 2016 >

Previous snapshot: Domestic Tourism Snapshot Year Ending June 2016

A Change in Methodology:

Tourism Research Australia implemented a “dual-frame methodology” to the National Visitor Survey (NVS), effective from January 2014. This improved technique means the NVS telephone interviews are now conducted via both landlines and mobile phones, ensuring the NVS sample includes the growing number of “mobile phone-only” households. Due to this, yearly comparisons are a guide only.

Queensland residents have their say on tourism

This report includes the findings from a survey conducted with Queensland residents about their perceptions of tourism's effects on their community.

Fact Sheet - Queensland Social Indicators 2013 >

Understanding Queensland’s touring market

More than 14 million domestic and international visitors have toured Queensland in the 11 years from 2000 to 2010. In this time, visitors to Queensland spent $22 billion and in 2010 directly accounted for around 15,400 jobs.

This research explores the touring market and includes where visitors from this market stay and which Queensland destinations they visit.

Touring market research:

Operator uptake of environmental adaption initiatives

In 2010 benchmark research on the uptake of environmental initiatives by Queensland tourism operators was conducted. This report includes details on operators' uptake of energy, water and waste management initiatives.

Tourism Operators Environmental Benchmark 2010 >

Queensland Tourism Industry Carbon Footprint

This fact sheet includes information regarding the net production of greenhouse gas by the whole of the Queensland tourism industry. This inaugural research also compares the tourism sector with other Queensland industries.

Fact Sheet - Queensland Tourism Industry Carbon Footprint >

The results of Tourism and Events Queensland's inaugural environmental indicators research

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) developed the following factsheet that includes a suite of environmental indicators to measure and manage the effect of tourism on the environment.

Fact sheet - Queensland Environmental Indicators 2010 >

Current tourism and events reports

Please note: the data in these reports is not owned by TEQ. It is analysed by TEQ but is sourced from external providers. The source of the data is given within each report. 

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