List your upcoming event on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) today for FREE! To list your event you must first register as a user of ATDW-Online by creating an account to manage your ATDW listing. 

Is my event eligible?

Eligible events must provide a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist and fall under one of the following classifications

  • Exhibitions and shows – including agricultural, local and regional shows and motor shows.
  • Festivals and celebrations – including seasonal, sporting, cultural, music or art festivals.
  • Markets – including food markets and farmers markets.
  • Performances – including song, dance and theatre.
  • Sporting events – both spectator and participatory.
  • Classes, lessons, workshops including arts/crafts, dance, music, painting, pottery, boat-building and/or cooking.
  • Business
  • Community

How do I get on board?

  1. Visit
  2. Click the button "Create an account" and follow the steps to create an ATDW listing for your event.

What’s in it for me?

  1. ATDW provides your event with exposure, so you are visible when customers are searching for events on key travel websites including and
  2. Feature on the events calendar
  3. You can upload your event information once (and even clone previous event listings), saving you time. Once uploaded your event information automatically flows through to the ATDW distributor websites for customers to see. You can update your event easily online, at any time.

Have you previously listed your event on ATDW?

If you have created your own event listing or remember filling out our event registration form in past years, it is best to update that existing event listing in ATDW rather than creating a new one. Simply log-in to ATDW-Online with your username and password and click ‘View Summary’.