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Our Brand, Our Queensland

Our brand is how we present Queensland to the rest of the world.  It’s who we are.  The reason we exist.  And by ‘we’, we mean the Queensland tourism industry collectively. We’re all faces of the Queensland story.  That’s why it’s so important that our brand vision is something we can all get behind, believe in and share.  

The resources available for download in this section, outline our exciting new direction for Queensland, including the evolution of our brand and global creative, Queensland’s Experience Pillars and target market insights.

Research Insights & Market Segments


Australian and New Zealand marketing research revealed that destination choice is largely determined by three factors: geographic location, trip occasion and life-stage.  These three elements form the basis of our new domestic and New Zealand market segmentation, which also takes into account consumer consideration of Queensland and the total volume and value of trips by consumers in that segment.


SINKS/DINKS (Single/dual income, aged 18-49 with no children in the household)
They take more trips, more often – particularly short weekend getaways (1-3 nights).  Typically, the shorter the travel occasion, the more likely they are to visit Queensland, and the more that they spend each night.

YOUNG FAMILIES (Families with children under 5 in the household) 
They tend to take more holidays in Australia than other segments.  They are the most likely to visit Queensland, for stays between 4-14 nights.  The shorter the travel occasion, the more they typically spend each night.

OLDER FAMILIES (Families with no children under 5 in the household) 
Like Younger Families, families with older children are more likely to travel in Australia.  They are more likely to consider visiting Queensland for trips between 4 and 14 nights.  It is on holidays between 7 and 14 nights that they spend the most each night.

EMPTY NESTERS (Aged 50+, with no children in the household) 
Although Empty Nesters holiday slightly less often than the other segments, they typically spend the most per night – especially on holidays longer than 15 nights.  On these  longer holidays, they are considerably more likely than other segments to choose to holiday in Queensland.

Marketing Segmentation Framework

The Traveller Framework

In international markets, we currently target Experience Seekers, however international segmentation is currently under review by Tourism Australia and TEQ

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