Code of Conduct

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) and its employees must adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice and conduct. Not only is this essential to achieving TEQ’s vision but also arises out of being a part of the Queensland public sector. Employees are required to ensure their conduct is not only professional and consistent with TEQ values but that it also aligns with the specific obligations and requirements that come with being on the staff of a public sector entity. The purpose of the Code of Conduct (the Code) is to provide each staff member with a clear understanding of their role as public sector employees and what is expected of them in relation to their conduct.

The Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 sets out the ethical principles and values that all public sector agencies, entities and public officials in Queensland must abide by and the steps to be taken to implement these. The Code adopts the ethics principles and values set out in the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 as these apply at TEQ. The Code provides employees with a clear understanding of the ethical values and standards of behaviour that apply in their daily business activities. 

Public Interest Disclosure

At TEQ, we believe that Public Interest Disclosures (PIDs) and the ability to make such disclosures without retaliation or reprisal is critically important, not only to uphold our legislative obligations but also to maintain transparency and the public’s trust in our organisation.

TEQ strongly supports the principles of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 and encourages people to make necessary PIDs under this policy. TEQ will support any discloser in their decision to make a disclosure, however, any person who is found to have deliberately made false or misleading allegations, or allegations not in accordance with the PID Act, will not be protected under this policy.

Employment Information Statement

The employment information statement provides important information to employees about their employment entitlements and other matters within Queensland's industrial relations system.

Complaints management

TEQ is committed to effective complaints management and responding appropriately to feedback. TEQ recognises the importance of effective complaints management and the integral role it plays in quality service delivery. 

If you would like to provide any feedback or raise any concerns you may have, please contact us on email or phone +61 7 3535 3535.

Environmental and social sustainability
TEQ is committed to achieving best practice environmental and social sustainability, and has developed an Environmental Risk Management Plan to continuously monitor and improve the organisation’s social and environmental footprint. If you would like to provide any feedback on TEQ’s policy or risk management plan, please email

TEQ is proud to hold Earth Check Silver Accreditation.

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White Ribbon accreditation

Violence against women (VAW) is a front-of-mind challenge in our community that can directly impact all workplaces. Preventing and responding to VAW requires a community response with the workplace playing a key role. TEQ is committed to preventing VAW in all of its forms, supporting affected employees and promoting a safe and respectful workplace culture.

TEQ is undertaking White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation and becoming part of the global movement to create a society where all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse.

A White Ribbon working group has been formed to work through the accreditation standards and criteria.

Public Interest Disclosure