Aviation Framework 2025     

Tourism and Events Queensland’s Aviation Framework 2018-2025

The Queensland tourism industry is seeking growth in line with Tourism Research Australia's forecasts of $33.1 billion in overnight visitor expenditure by 2025, contributing towards 77,000 additional jobs (direct and indirect) in the State’s economy. The strategic development of Queensland’s air services is fundamental to reaching this growth target. The attraction of new air services to Queensland and the sustainable development of existing routes will position the tourism industry to capitalise on the global growth in outbound visitor markets and increase Queensland’s competitiveness.

Tourism and Events Queensland’s Aviation Framework 2018-2025 (the framework) informs decision making in Queensland’s negotiations with airlines and airports on new air services and route development and provides a reference point for Tourism and Events Queensland's international and domestic market priorities. The market priorities and route considerations outlined in the framework also guide assessments of applications to the aviation route development programs.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharyn Brydon, Aviation and Trade Director, via aviation@queensland.com