What are Destination Tourism Plans?

A suite of Destination Tourism Plans (DTPs) have been developed by Queensland’s regional tourism organisations (RTOs) in consultation with key industry stakeholders to reflect a shared vision and direction for the destination.

Through these plans, Queensland’s RTOs are aligning strategies, available resources, and the efforts of industry and all levels of government toward a set of unified long-term objectives.

A DTP is developed by an RTO with support from Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ). The RTO is responsible for its implementation.

The DTP also outlines how the RTO and TEQ will work together to market tourism for the destination. Each DTP is unique and has been tailored to the specific needs of the destination.

DTP Partnerships

In 2012, the Queensland Government and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council signed the landmark DestinationQ Partnership Agreement. The purpose of the agreement focused on the actions needed by industry and government to work towards its target to increase annual overnight visitor expenditure to $30 billion by 2020.

Each DTP will be used as the main vehicle to drive growth in the destination to meet the 2020 tourism targets and to build a sustainable and competitive tourism and events destination.

Contact your local RTO for more information.

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