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Queensland Western Markets Tourism Strategy 2018-2025

The Western Markets have always been crucial to Queensland’s tourism industry, currently contributing more than $2.1 billion or 40.3 percent of total international expenditure to the Queensland visitor economy.  Tourism and Events Queensland has developed the Queensland Western Markets Tourism Strategy 2018 – 2025 to maximise the potential of this significant group and increase spend and regional dispersal to deliver expenditure and jobs throughout the State.  

The strategy outlines seven key strategic areas of opportunity: 
  • Deliver consumer marketing into key Western Markets 
  • Enrich trade engagement to increase consumer awareness and encourage conversion
  • Strengthen aviation access and partnerships 
  • Prioritise infrastructure and investment to meet demand
  • Identify, understand and foster the development of high quality Queensland experiences
  • Attract western visitors to experience the best events in Australia 
  • Leverage the tourism potential of the international education network.