The Region

The Gladstone region is the centre of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and gateway to Heron, Wilson, Lady Musgrave and the Capricorn Bunker Group of Islands.  The region is famous for fishing and crabbing at sensational spots such as Lake Awoonga, the Boyne and Calliope Rivers, Curtis and Facing Islands.

The seaside communities of the region encompass Agnes Water, Town of 1770, Turkey Beach and Baffle Creek.  A trip to the Gladstone Region would not be complete without taking in the natural beauty of the Boyne Valley.  Just a short drive from Gladstone, the Valley is a rural community which include the towns of Nagoorin, Ubobo, Builyan and Many Peaks.

Head further west to the Banana Shire and enjoy the rural beauty of this agricultural and mining region steeped in history.

The Vision 

The 2020 Destination Vision for the Gladstone Region is to develop its leisure and business experiences to their full potential to enhance the liveability and tourism appeal of the destination.

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