These student fact sheets contain Australian school curriculum links, classroom and external activities, and information on a range of Outback Queensland topics. From nature and astronomy, to dinosaurs and pioneers of the Outback, each fact sheet can be used to help students learn while in the classroom and on excursion.

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Fact sheet 01 - Why have some trees become 'living monuments'?

Fact sheet 02 - Why was Captain Starlight such a successful rogue?

Fact sheet 03 - How did Kidman change from cowboy to national icon?

Fact sheet 04 - How did the Duracks become so rich in such a 'poor' country?

Fact sheet 05 - How was the world's largest mineral deposit discovered?

Fact sheet 06 - Why is the rodeo a popular activity in the Outback?

Fact sheet 07 - Who was the first to shape the Outback?

Fact sheet 08 - Why is water from the Artesian Basin called 'liquid gold'?

Fact sheet 09 - How has mining changed the Outback?

Fact sheet 10 - What are the challenges of opal mining?

Fact sheet 11 - What is so unique about Porcupine Gorge?

Fact sheet 12 - Why is a song about a sheep thief so popular?

Fact sheet 13 - Why do people say Queensland was 'built on a sheep's back'?

Fact sheet 14 - How did Cobb & Co. spin the wheels of opportunity?

Fact sheet 15 - Why did a national airline start in Outback Queensland?

Fact sheet 16 - Why was Australia the first place to develop a flying doctor service?

Fact sheet 17 - Why was Australia the first place to develop a School of the Air?

Fact sheet 18 - Why is the Outback a good place for astronomy?

Fact sheet 19 - Why are dinosaur fossils being found in the Outback?

Fact sheet 20 - When did sea monsters live in the Outback?

Fact sheet 21 - How do we know about dinosaurs?

Fact sheet 22 - Why is life getting tough for bilbies?

Fact sheet 23 - How can we protect the homes of rare species in the Outback?

Fact sheet 24 - What is so special about the Diamantina?

Fact sheet 25 - How do people source energy and other resources in the Outback?

Fact sheet 26 - What are riparian habitats?

Fact sheet 27 - Why is there a national park in a desert?

Fact sheet 28 - What was life like during the 1800's for the pioneer settlers of the Outback?

Fact sheet 29 - How can native plants be used for food and medicine?

Fact sheet 30 - What was the Outback like millions of years ago?

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