Townsville North Queensland

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) conducts advertising campaigns to promote Queensland’s destinations during key periods throughout the year. This is a snapshot of how TEQ communicates the Townsville North Queensland brand to domestic target markets. 

Brand positioning 

Core promise - what we promise our destination brands will deliver to visitors

Immerse yourself in hands-on learning about nature in the tropics.

Brand personality - how our destination brands are portrayed, based on human characteristics

Curious, inquisitive, like to learn new things, engaged, involved, active, proud Australian/Queenslander. 

Brand values 

Pride in Australia, pride in Queensland, authenticity, hospitality, genuine desire to share what we know.

Domestic target markets 

Connectors, Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR). For Connectors, holidays are about bonding with family and friends.  

Destination consumer logo 

Townsville North Queensland Alive with curiosity

How can operators use the Townsville North Queensland Brand?

TEQ and Townsville Enterprise have developed a Brand Toolkit where you can discover the elements that have been created to tell the world about Townsville North Queensland, Alive with curiosity, including tips, factsheets and downloadable brand assets.

TEQ and Townsville Enterprise campaigns 

Find out about the upcoming campaigns and advertising opportunities for Townsville North Queensland.

Image library 

If you are a tourism or events industry professional, a member of the media or anyone seeking professional images for use in the positive promotion of Queensland, you are eligible to use the TEQ image library. There are thousands of high-resolution images which are easy to search and download, including free generic images. Search the image library.

TEQ contact person 

Senior Marketing Specialist, Tropical North Queensland 

Tourism and Events Queensland
Carleon Coulta

Phone: 07 3535 5286