Events Support

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) invests in and/or supports events across three major program groups:

  • Queensland Destination Events Program (QDEP)
  • Major Event Investment
  • Business Events

Queensland Destination Events Program (QDEP)

The Queensland Destination Events Program is designed to recognise the crucial link between events and the destinations in which they are staged. The objectives of the QDEP are to:

  • Generate local economic activity and development in the host destination; 
  • Attract external visitation to the destination; 
  • Drive social and community outcomes for the host destination, noting the important link between community outcomes and economic benefits; and
  • Enhance the profile of the host destination.

For more information regarding the QDEP, please follow this link: Queensland Destination Events Program.

Major Events Investment

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) works collaboratively with government, industry and Queensland destination partners to identify, attract, develop and promote major events in Queensland that deliver significant value against each of the following four outcomes:

  • Contribute to the Queensland economy;
  • Attract visitors to Queensland;
  • Enhance the profile of Queensland; and
  • Foster community pride in Queensland.

TEQ classifies major events as either one-off or recurring sporting, lifestyle, entertainment, cultural or design events that have the potential to deliver significant value against each of the four outcomes listed above.

If your organisation is seeking to apply for major event investment from TEQ, you must demonstrate your event's ability to deliver significantly against TEQ's major event investment outcomes.

To do this, the first step is to complete and submit TEQ's major events funding checklist. Once completed, the checklist will immediately inform you of your event's potential eligibility and also provides an overview of the type of detailed information required for TEQ to consider major event investment.

Should your event be eligible, TEQ's events team will contact you with information on how to submit a full application.

Click here to complete the major events funding checklist.

Business Events

If your event is a business event, it may be eligible for Business Event Funding.   

Events in Queensland

For a list of general events held in Queensland, please visit

More Information

For further information on events, contact TEQ.