Major events play a vital role in attracting visitors to Queensland and supporting the state's tourism industry. Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) works to support major events which achieve the following outcomes:

  • Contribute to the Queensland economy
  • Attract visitors to Queensland
  • Enhance the profile of Queensland
  • Foster community pride in Queensland

If you have a major event that you believe meets all these outcomes, please complete the following event checklist. This process will help you understand the detailed information that TEQ requires prior to considering support for a major event.

Event Checklist

Please answer Yes or No to the following in relation to your event

1. Are you able to accurately estimate the total number of attendees?
2. Are you able to accurately estimate the number of attendees by location (intrastate, interstate and/or international)?
3. Are you able accurately estimate the number of players, participants and officials?
4. Are you able to accurately estimate the average length of stay of interstate and international attendees?
5. Are you able to accurately estimate the daily expenditure of attendees?
6. Are you able to provide economic impact data of the event?
7. Are you able to confirm an underwriter for the event?
8. Does the event have secured income through sponsorships?
9. Are you able to accurately provide an event budget detailing revenue and expenditure forecasts?
10. Will this event promote Queensland's destinations through mainstream domestic and/or international media coverage?
11. Are you able to provide accurate information on the size and type of audiences that will see media coverage of the event?
12. Will the event positively engage Queenslanders and foster community pride?
13. Will the event be held permanently in Queensland?
14. Will the event be held anywhere else in Australia?
15. Does the event organiser have a successful track record of running events for at least three years?
16. Has the event secured support from the relevant regional tourism organisation and/or local council?
17. Does the event promote Queensland's destinations in the following key markets?
18. Are you able to verify your responses to this Event Checklist?