Best of Queensland Experiences

TEQ, in consultation with the state's Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council has recently launched the Best of Queensland Experiences Program to identify those experiences that best bring the Queensland story to life and consistently deliver a high-quality visitor experience.

Focusing on the best of Queensland experiences through the program will foster trust in the Queensland brand and ensure that Queensland is at the forefront of consumer expectations and continues to grow our share of the global travel market.

The program is based on a robust and independent set of criteria that are determined by online customer reviews, responding to contemporary consumer expectations and reflecting industry best practice. This means that the program is largely driven by customer sentiment and expectations which will not only provide a clear focus for our marketing activities but also set measurable benchmarks for our tourism industry on what constitutes a high-quality visitor experience.

Tourism businesses identified as Best of Queensland Experiences consistently deliver outstanding experiences to our guests and demonstrate great business practices. Over time, the Best of Queensland Experiences will feature in TEQ’s promotional activity to drive increased visitation and expenditure to Queensland.

A tourism industry perspective

We interviewed Eloise from Great Keppel Island Hideaway, who tells us about the importance of their focus on the customer experience and how working with their RTO has played a role in their success. Eloise talks with Mary Carroll from Capricorn Enterprise about the Best of Queensland Experiences program from an operator’s perspective and her thoughts on what it means for Queensland’s tourism industry

We asked some of the Queensland tourism industry what they think about the Best of Queensland Experiences program. They shared with us the importance of their focus on the visitor experience and how they have achieved the program criteria.

“As a locally owned business based in a quintessential Robinson Crusoe environment, our foundations on Great Keppel Island are based on a unique island experience. We ensure that every guest interaction is friendly, welcoming and the environment is casual and relaxing.”   
Great Keppel Island Hideaway 

“The project is brilliant, I really think this is the game changer we have been looking for, it’s innovative and will position Queensland exactly where we need to be.”
Grant Cassidy
Cassidy Hospitality Group

"The Best of Queensland Experiences Program is innovative in its delivery and we are extremely proud to have been identified to be part of the pilot program. It is beneficial to see that operators who are delivering exceptional experiences are recognised and put forward to highlight the destination regardless of the size of the business or its marketing budget."
Ocean Rafting

“An excellent initiative of which we are supportive of 100%. It allows TEQ to truly focus on promoting those experiences that do 'go the extra mile', and do genuinely offer superior visitor experiences.” 
Tasman Venture

“To be recognised as a Best of Queensland Experience provides kudos, is hugely rewarding, and is essentially assisting those of us industry operators, who are working to deliver and improve our services. It is hugely motivating and will drive and encourage us further.”
Sunlover Reef Cruises

“It provides incentive and motivation for those businesses that are proactive in promoting their business, the region and the state. We welcome the program to assist us in our endeavours.” 

“This decision is fantastic...!! This will have a flow on effect to all tour operators by providing a "piggyback" from those who provide an exceptional experience. By far the fairest way to service the state...!!” 
The Discovery Group