Active and Engaging Social Media Presence

Weighting: 15 points

Tourism products must have an active and engaging presence on social media across either Facebook or Instagram. 

Why is it important? 

Social media platforms are an important method through which consumers engage with tourism products. Active and engaging social media channels inspire consumers through appealing content and encourage guests to share their own stories and photos of the experience, driving word of mouth, which can result in additional visitation for businesses. 

How is the criteria measured? 

Facebook and Instagram data for each product is collected over a random four week period by a company called Meltwater. For each social media channel, Meltwater provide Tourism and Events Queensland with the number of posts made per week and the engagement (likes, comments and shares) received on each post. The following benchmarks were developed in partnership with Digital Coaching International to provide guidance to operators on the most effective way to engage with their audiences.

To meet this criteria, tourism products must achieve at least two of the three benchmarks on one social media platform - either Facebook or Instagram.

Metric Benchmark Details
Average Posts per week

4 posts/week

 Includes wall, album and shared posts
Consistency of posts

Less than 65% variation

Algorithm determines how consistent the frequency of posts are each week


Average of 20 points per post

 Like = 1 point, Comment = 2 points, Share = 3 points