Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)

Tourism products must have a live and up to date listing on the ATDW at the annual program cut-off date in order to be assessed in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program.

The ATDW is the national database storing and distributing information on Australia’s tourism products, locations and events. The ATDW distributes information on your experience to a wide network of consumer websites, including on and

How is TEQ using ATDW for the Program?

The ATDW is the database used to identify which tourism products across Queensland will be assessed each year in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program. Information for some of the assessment criteria is also obtained from your ATDW listings.

Tourism products should ensure the following details are up to date on ATDW:

  • Online booking URL
  • Facebook and/or Instagram URLs
  • TripAdvisor and Google Places URLs