Consistent Delivery of an Exceptional Experience

Criteria Q&A

Why are online reviews important for my business? 

Our guests ultimately decide what constitutes an exceptional experience and technology has revolutionised the importance of the consumer. Previously consumers shared their experiences with their friends and family around them. This word of mouth advertising has always been incredibly important. Now, with the presence of online review platforms, the consumer's online reviews are amplified. In fact, 93 per cent of global travellers say their booking decisions are impacted by online reviews (source: Trip Barometer). 

What does the word cloud in my report mean? 

This word cloud gives you a quick and visual snapshot of the most important concepts and sentiments expressed within mentions received by your product. The larger the word, the higher the volume of reviews with this concept. The green indicates positive sentiments, while the red indicates negative sentiments. For more detailed information on understanding your report click here.

What if I don’t have enough reviews? 

To receive a ReviewPro Global Review Index™, tourism products require a minimum of 25 reviews over a 12-month period. For easy, practical advice on how to encourage visitors to write online reviews, refer to TEQ's guide, How Tourism Products Can Encourage Online Reviews. The guide includes examples from leading tourism brands.

Which online review platforms does ReviewPro track for my business? 

ReviewPro tracks reviews on tourism products from over 175 worldwide online review platforms. Click here for a list of online review sources tracked by ReviewPro.

How is the Global Review Index™ calculated?

The Global Review Index™ is calculated using a complex proprietary algorithm based on the combined star/bubble rating only, typically a 0-5 or 0-10 rating. It is not an average of all review scores. The Global Review Index™ is not influenced by the comments that accompany a star/bubble rating review or how long it takes for management to write a response to reviews written about their product. 

Are international reviews tracked by ReviewPro? 

Yes, ReviewPro tracks reviews written by consumers from countries worldwide and in different languages.