Website with a Secure Online Booking Platform

Criteria Q&A

I have online booking, why didn't I receive 15 points?

TEQ will attain online booking links through your Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) listing. Please make sure the information in your ATDW listing is correct and your online booking URL is entered. You can log in and update your ATDW here

I have an online enquiry form, does this count?

While helpful, online enquiry forms do not provide consumers with an instant confirmation of their reservation and are not eligible to meet the criteria. A customer may change their mind about booking your experience in the time that it takes your business to respond to an online enquiry. By providing an online booking platform, you are securing a reservation at the time, and providing a better experience for your customers.

Do I need to accept payment through my booking platform?

No, your booking platform does not need to accept advance payment in order to meet the criteria. Your experience may not require payment at the time of booking for many reasons, for example, it may be a restaurant where the final price is unknown, or your business may choose to offer payment on arrival at check in.

What if visitors do not need to book my experience in advance?

Please refer to the Criteria Exemption to check your eligibility to be excluded from the criteria.

What type of tourism products are eligible for Criteria Exemption?

Any tourism product that does not accept advance bookings as part of their business processes is eligible to apply for exemption, including but not limited to:

  • Galleries and museums
  • Shopping centres and retail outlets
  • Cafes
  • Wineries and breweries