Case studies and industry testimonials

Queensland offers some of the best visitor experiences in the world and this is something that we are very proud of. TEQ interviewed people who deliver some of those experiences to guests and talked to them about the importance of being consumer focused in their business. 

Below, TEQ looked at the five criteria for the Best of Queensland Experiences Program from a tourism operator perspective and asked for their thoughts and advice. 

Consistent delivery of an exceptional experience

Comfort Resort Blue Pacific

Managing Director, Nick uit den Bogaard, shares how his team have used the Best of Queensland Experiences Program report to improve their resort guest experience. "We now have bi-monthly meetings with our staff in regards of feedback received by consumers and set targets to meet. We have also included the Best of Queensland Experiences report to influence our ongoing refurbishment/upgrading plan."

Great Keppel Island Hideaway

We interviewed Eloise from Great Keppel Island Hideaway, who tells us about the importance of their focus on the customer experience and how working with their RTO has played a role in their success. Eloise talks with Mary Carroll from Capricorn Enterprise about the Best of Queensland Experiences program from an operator’s perspective and her thoughts on what it means for Queensland’s tourism industry.

SeaLink Queensland

“SeaLink Queensland is a customer focused organisation in which service quality, reliability and delivery is constantly assessed. We take in all feedback, may that be good or bad, from our customers and stakeholders in the community seriously, along with providing a safe environment we constantly aim to provide an enjoyable experience.”

Active and engaging social media

Cork 'n Fork Tours

“We shared our Best of Queensland experiences report with all members of the team. We have now increased our social media presence which has in turn increased our bookings.”

Cobbold Gorge

Sarah Martin from Cobbold Gorge in North Western Queensland tells us about the importance of social media. Social media plays an important role in the success of Cobbold Gorge and Sarah talks about challenges such as their remote location and perceptions of the Grey Nomad market.

Walkabout Cultural Adventures

“We have used the information in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program report to create better online social media engagement and customer reviews for our tours.”

Lizard Island Resort

“Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram help give our customers and followers a better insight into the product. It helps our business to develop relationships and build brand loyalty.”

The importance of online bookings

Great Keppel Island Hideaway

“Our online booking system eases pressure on our bookings team and is a fundamental requirement for a convenient customer experience.”

Sunlover Reef Cruises 

“Online bookings are continuing to grow, and represent a growing and significant market share of our business. We are seeing less post arrival passengers booking through the traditional local travel desks and at accommodation house desks and alternatively booking online.”

Ocean Rafting

“Online bookings, both direct and via OTAs, are extremely important to our business as our product is promoted to potential guests who may or may not already be aware of the destination and what touring options are available.” 


Sunlover Reef Cruises 

“ATDW fundamentally has enabled our products national as well as global reach and distribution. By far the most significant benefit, our product listing has enhanced our distribution and pick-up amongst the trade including inbound, wholesalers, retailers for use in their travel sales programs and reservation systems.”

Ocean Rafting

“The referral business we receive from websites including,, and other websites increases our online exposure significantly, especially given the minimal cost to register with ATDW. Participating in online holiday deals also allows for added exposure in quieter periods.”

RTO membership

The Discovery Group

“The support and advice provided by an RTO is gold in taking your message to the world.”

Great Keppel Island Hideaway

“Our RTO has been an amazing support unit for us. As a small, growing business, they have offered mentoring and professional development opportunities for our team to ensure our staff are growing with the business. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Capricorn Enterprise.”

Tasman Venture – Remote Fraser Island Tour

“Being a member of our RTO provides some good opportunities to access industry/experience development programs throughout the year.”


Oceanview Estates Winery & Restaurant

“I would like to say that becoming accredited was much more involved than I expected, but I found it a great tool to once again develop our business. The examples and templates were extremely helpful and I would recommend that anyone interested in going through the process use it as a business planning and development tool. It is something that I could use as a yearly planner for continuous improvement! Very impressed with the whole process.”