Useful resources

TEQ, Regional Tourism Organisations and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council supports the Queensland tourism industry to consistently deliver quality visitor experiences. Workshops and mentoring programs on a range of topics are delivered across Queensland each year. These programs are designed specifically for Queensland tourism businesses and provide a valuable opportunity for your business to stay well-informed of modern business practices that can improve your visitor experience and support the growth and sustainability of your business. 

TEQ recommends that all tourism products:

  • Touch base with their RTO and speak to them about upcoming opportunities and support options
  • Sign up to RTO newsletters to keep up to speed with upcoming programs in your destination
  • Sign up to TEQ's industry eNewsletter Eye on Q and check in regularly to the TEQ Industry Events and Opportunties Calendar  

ATDW Sign Up

To learn more about the benefits of ATDW and what’s in it for your business check out the TEQ website

Or contact TEQ's ATDW team via
or call 1800 629 749

FREE ATDW Health Check

It is important to keep your ATDW fresh and up to date with engaging content for your potential visitors. The ATDW team at TEQ are offering to provide feedback and help you maximise your listing!

If you would like to book in a health check please contact us at TEQ or call 1800 629 749

Understanding your ReviewPro Insights

All operators assessed in the Best of Queensland Experiences program, who have consumer reviews online, will receive a Best of Queensland Operator Report; including a detailed ReviewPro Summary. The ReviewPro Summary contains information on the Global Review Index™ over time, amount of reviews, semantic analysis and management response. This handy guide to understanding your operator report and ReviewPro insights outlines and explains the information that is available within the ReviewPro Summary section of your report. 

Experience Development Tools
TEQ has developed a series of resources to assist your business with improving your guest experience. Check out the intro to Experience Development in Section 2 of the Big Marketing Guide. Use the step by step experience development worksheets and view our video series featuring Queensland tourism operators

Storytelling Toolkit
Incorporating storytelling into your business not only enhances your guest experience but has the potential to increase word of mouth, boost visitation, attract media publicity and innovate your business for little or no cost. The TEQ Storytelling Toolkit includes a manual and workbook to guide you through the process of storytelling within your business. Check out the storytelling videos featuring industry storytellers and Nick Gray from Museum Hack.

How Tourism Products Can Encourage Online Reviews
This guide provides practical advice on how to generate a higher level of visitor reviews. It includes tips on how to proactively ask for and encourage reviews and how to improve visitor satisfaction for your guests. The guide includes examples from leading tourism brands and establishments.

Online Reputation Management
Tourism Tribe offers a host of free articles as well as paid resources to assist businesses with managing their online customer reviews and reputation.

Small Business Digital Grants Program
The Small Business Digital Grants Program provides small businesses with access to digital technologies and services to enable them to work smarter, engage with the global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption. Funding is available for up to $10,000 for digital technology or services purchased to enhance digital capabilities of the business and help them become more competitive. 

Choosing a booking system – Big Marketing Guide
For an introduction into choosing a booking system refer to Section 5 page 83 of the Digital Marketing section of the TEQ Big Marketing Guide.

12 Steps to Choosing an Online Booking System
Tourism Tribe share 12 steps for navigating the plethora of online booking options available to help you find the right system for your business needs.

Queensland's Content Framework
Queensland’s Content Framework outlines best practices for social media content, how to effectively use content through each of the phases of the holiday planning cycle, best-practice tactics and the tools and tips needed to ensure coordinated efforts in sourcing, creating and promoting authentic and memorable content across owned channels.

Digital Marketing  – Big Marketing Guide
For an introduction into making the most of your online marketing including social media refer to Section 5 of the Digital Marketing section of the TEQ Big Marketing Guide.

Social Media for Tourism
Tourism Tribe offers a Social Media for Tourism learning hub to paid subscribers (subscriptions start from as little as $119 annually). The learning hub provides all the information you need to improve your social media. Find tips for Facebook and Instagram on the type of content to post, techniques to post more frequently, the importance of consistency and how to engage your audience online.

Signing up to your RTO

There are thirteen Regional Tourism Organisations in Queensland responsible for tourism marketing, leadership, development and the coordination of industry, local government and community destination marketing to promote their regions as a travel destination.

Each RTO differs in the membership opportunities and levels they offer. Contact the RTO in your region for more details.

Tourism Business Accreditation– Big Marketing Guide
For an introduction into Tourism Business Accreditation refer to Section 1 page 2 of the Introduction section of the TEQ Big Marketing Guide.

Recognised Accreditation Companies
The tourism accreditation programs recognised for the Best of Queensland Program criteria align to the accepted accreditation, certification and company programs identified for the Queensland Tourism Awards. Check out the Queensland Tourism Industry's Council's (QTIC) website for the list of approved Accreditation and Certification Programs in Queensland.

For more information on Tourism Accreditation visit the QTIC website or contact their support team on 07 3236 1445 or