Experience Development Resources

Our guests want more than just to see the sights when they travel to Queensland.

They are looking for an 'experience' - that emotional feeling or personal achievement they get from engaging in unforgettable and inspiring activities which touch them emotionally and connect them with special places, people and cultures.

'The tourism product is what the customer buys, the tourism experience is what they remember.'

The following resources have been developed to assist Queensland tourism businesses to deliver world-class visitor experiences:

The Ultimate Transformational Experience Guide

Tourism and Events Queensland has developed a ‘Transformational Experience Guide’ to help you better understand what your guests want from their travel and any specific changes you might need to make to your operation and experience offering.

The guide will provide you with insights and knowledge about:

  • What Queensland’s new brand means in practice;
  • the changing needs and expectations of travellers;
  • the Five Stages of Travel your guests go through;
  • how to design and deliver exceptional transformational experiences through each of the stages;
  • how to deepen your engagement with guests; and
  • ways to differentiate your experience through innovation and enhancing your competitive advantage.
Experience Development

Delivering world-class experiences

The Experience Development section (section 2) of the Big Marketing Guides covers:

  • What is an experience?
  • Who is the Experience Seeker?
  • How to move from a product to an experience
  • How to leverage your destination Hero Experiences
  • What is your Signature Experience?
  • The G.U.E.S.T philosophy - go beyond customer service
Storytelling Manual Cover

Extraordinary experiences through storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, it is through stories that we all connect. Discover how your business can use storytelling to create memorable experiences for your guests. TEQ has developed a Storytelling toolkit and supporting videos to guide operators though how to discover, develop and deliver a story. Check out our Storytelling Toolkit for more information.

Creating WOW Experiences - Start Here!

Tourism and Events Queensland in partnership with Griffith University, has developed the Creating WOW Experiences video series and supporting worksheets to assist tourism operators to respond to increasing visitor demand for exciting, engaging and authentic experiences.

Module 1: Inspiring Experiential Travel
Evolve and revolutionise. Look to provide awe-inspiring, positive word-of-mouth, holiday-of-a-lifetime experiences. 

Worksheet 1

Module 2: Creating a Memorable Experience
What experience do you offer, what are your region's hero experiences, how can you leverage off these and what hidden gems could you share?

Worksheet 2

Module 3: Knowing Your Guest and What they Want
Understand your current guests, identify who is your ideal customer, and adapt to changing markets.

Worksheet 3

Module 4: Storytellers - Bringing the Experience to Life

What are you passionate about in your destination? What can you share? How can you weave your story into the product delivery? How can you surprise and delight your customers? 

Worksheet 5

Module 5: Creating Moments of Surprise and Delight

What is your destination brand promise and how does the experience you offer connect to it? Do your staff live the brand and what can you do to improve it?

Worksheet 5