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Unlock the Spend Potential of Chinese Travellers 

According to recent consumer research by Nielsen, Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trends, 91 per cent of Chinese travellers indicated they would show greater willingness to spend and shop if overseas merchants accept Chinese mobile payment. Therefore if Queensland's tourism operators accept Chinese mobile payment they increase the ability to maximise visitor spend from Chinese travellers.

For tourism operators in Queensland, offering UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay to Chinese travellers will:  
  1. make them feel welcome, 
  2. provide payment convenience, and 
  3. encourage more expenditure. 

More importantly, all three payment platforms provide marketing opportunities for tourism operators to directly target Chinese travellers. A number of resources have been developed to help Queensland businesses maximise the spend potential of Chinese Travellers via Chinese Payment Platforms.

Learn how to maximise your business outcomes by leveraging these powerful Chinese payment platform partnerships in 2020.

TEQ Unionpay Alipay

The workshops also cover:

  • How to leverage marketing opportunities in Alipay, TEQ and Unionpay global campaigns
  • How to develop coupons and deals that truly resonate new age Chinese travellers
  • How to promote your business directly to an engaged target market that are ready to spend

China Payment Masterclass and Expo Series 2018 & 2019

TEQ, in partnership with Alipay, Unionpay and other third party providers ran a Masterclass roadshow in Whitsundays, Cairns, Brisbane and Gold Coast. These workshops have been a world first, and demonstrate the strong importance of Chinese Payment Platforms not only for traditional tourism industry, but also for F&B and retail businesses. 

The masterclasses enabled the Queensland tourism industry to connect with the biggest online payment platform Alipay and financial services provider UnionPay to drive conversion and increase visitor expenditure. Check out the presentation videos.

China Payment Toolkit & Payment Provider Checklist

To complement these in person workshops, a suite of Industry Resources have been developed help continue the journey and provide updated practical guidance on how your business can fully utilise new marketing opportunities and unlock the potential through this new distribution channel.

Toolkit Cover  

 Understanding Chinese Payment Systems: 

 A practical guide for tourism operators to understand Chinese payment ecosystems, how it works and how to get involved.

Checklist Cover

 Unlock the Spend Potential of China Payment Platforms: 

 Snapshot of China payment ecosystem, key payment providers and how to get in touch.

China Payment Videos

The Role of Mobile Payment in the China Market

This video will introduce and explore Queensland’s inbound Chinese Market and the role of mobile payment.

Key Topics:

  • The value of the China market
  • Snapshot of inbound Chinese visitation to Queensland.
  • Key market trends in China
  • The role of mobile and travel

The Payment Ecosystem

This video will introduce and explore the Chinese payment ecosystem to assist Queensland tourism operators and local businesses who are interested in or are currently welcoming Chinese visitors and want to accept Chinese Payment Platforms.       

Key Topics:

  • The flow of funds from Chinese travellers to Queensland businesses
  • The role of payment acquires and questions to ask
  • How to get onboard with Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay

Payment Platforms as a Marketing Channel

This video will introduce and explore Alipay and how the Queensland tourism industry can maximise the marketing opportunities to increase conversion.

Key Topics:

  • Key functionalities of Alipay as a marketing channel
  • Examples of merchant listings, coupons and the Alipay discover platform.
  • How to maximise marketing opportunities and exposure for your business.
  • How to connect with the consumer