Chinese Payment Platforms - Educational Resources

Unlock the Spend Potential of Chinese Travellers

TEQ in partnership with key payment partners Alipay and UnionPay has developed a world-first initiative and suite of educational resources. These videos and brochures are designed to help to demystify the Chinese payment ecosystem.

Learn how to use these platforms to your business advantage and to better connect and transact with valued Chinese guests.

Educational Videos

China Payment Video Resources

The following videos have been created to help explain the Chinese payment Ecosystem. They are educational videos and give context on the payment environment, and how to leverage them as marketing platforms for highly targeted marketing to Chinese consumers.

Learn about the importance of the role of mobile payment in China, and what this means for Chinese consumers.

Understand the Chinese payment ecosystem and learn how to leverage this for your business to generate increased spend from Chinese visitors.

Educational Brochures

1. Understanding Chinese Payment Systems

‘The Why’ – this brochure provides an introduction to the Chinese payment ecosystem and outlines the key opportunity for your business.

  • Find specific information on how payment mechanism works.
  • Connect with a key payment provider who can help your business.

2. Unlock Spend Potential of Chinese Payment Platforms

‘The How’ – this brochure explains how you would implement Chinese payment systems into your businesses.

  • Direct contacts with payment acquirer.
  • Guidance on what to look for and ask about when choosing an acquirer to support you.

3. Marketing to Chinese Visitors through Alipay – Educational Brochure

This brochure provides detailed information on how to leverage Alipay platform as a marketing tool. It explains how to work with payment acquirers and marketing partners to achieve business outcomes. Learn about:

  • Offline Marketing.
  • Online Marketing.
  • Alipay Discovery Platform.
  • Coupon marketing.

4. Marketing to Chinese Visitors through Alipay – Checklist

This checklist is to be used in conjunction with the 'Marketing to Chinese Visitors through Alipay – Educational Brochure' . A short checklist of the key points of how to market in the Alipay Ecosystem.