Eligibility for accreditation

Accreditation ensures that only those centres whose primary purpose of business is tourist information provision, and who are genuine providers of objective visitor information, are acknowledged by the new ‘i’ symbol.

Accreditation means your VIC may use the 'i' symbol under the Queensland Visitor Information Centre Signage policy.

If your Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is operated or funded (partly or fully) by your Regional Tourism Organisation and/or Local Government Authority you are eligible to apply. If your VIC does not currently meet this eligibility please refer to the Queensland VIC Signage Policy document.

In addition, eligible centres must satisfy minimum operational standards should they wish to apply for use of the symbol. The standards include specific criteria in the areas of:

  • business and management
  • business hours
  • centre facilities
  • staff and training
  • networking
  • information and displays; and
  • signage and identification

Before applying for accreditation we recommend that you review this flyer, 'Becoming an Accredited VIC' and the VIC Portal.

Applying for accreditation

To apply for accreditation once you have met the eligibility criteria, you must complete the application form.

Download the VIC Signage Policy Application Form

More information

For further information on accreditation contact the VIC Secretariat:

Visit Queensland Pty Ltd
Melanie Sands - Administration
Phone: 0459 992 030 Email: vic.secretariat@queensland.com