How to work with TEQ - checklist

As the state's lead tourism marketing and events agency, TEQ undertakes significant marketing activities to promote Queensland's unique experiences and events. 

There are a number of ways that Queensland's tourism businesses and event organisers can leverage TEQ's marketing activities, gain business insights or access resources to help grow their business or event.

This handy checklist gets you started with an overview of ways you can work with TEQ and our resources. 


Working with TEQ Checklist

How content creators can work with TEQ 

For writers

To maintain brand consistency and tone, we don’t republish articles from other sites onto However, we occasionally do commission articles from freelancers, and the best way to get on our radar is to send in a one-page pitch to us. Please include details about your experience, any areas of expertise (for example, you may be a surfing fan and know all the best breaks in Queensland, or a family blogger and know where the best family-friendly camping spots are), and links to examples of your writing. It’s also favourable if you can look through our site and identify a content piece you think we’re missing, then tell us how you would tackle it.

If you have your own site and would like to be considered for content partnerships, please supply us with a media kit detailing what your site is about, visitation and engagement metrics across all channels and social platforms, frequency of posts, insights into your audience, top performing content, and a rate card.  



For images

The best thing to do is always tag us via @Queensland and use #ThisIsQueensland. When the team are scheduling content they do so by pulling the newest, freshest content directly from here. Tagging us gives permission to reshare, so these are the only places we pull content from.

When selecting content to share, we’re looking for imagery and videos that align to our photographic principles and speak to the essence of each destination that makes up Queensland. Think, high impact, thumb stopping content that’s POV, un-staged and leaves you thinking “take me there right now”.

We always have our eye out for newsworthy content that can help us stand out in the feed. Did you see an adorable animal encounter? Stumble across a field of wildflowers? Capture it, upload and tag us.

Typically, we avoid sharing horizontal imagery and videos. We’re all about taking up as much phone screen real estate as possible so if you’re tagging us in 4:5 or vertical content you’re heading in the right direction.

Beyond that, keep an eye out on our page; look at the content we’re sharing as that’s the best way to get a sense of our look and feel.

We also share content passed onto us via our RTO partners, so be sure to always tag the relevant RTO, LTO and shoot for the stars and tag @Australia too.

To have your images or videos considered for purchase, make sure you’re tagging us as our tagged photos are the first place we go when we have a content gap to fill.