Grant Guide    

The Grants Guide

Every year, there are billions of dollars available in grants through different levels of government funding programs. The challenge for any business is firstly to find the right grant and secondly to successfully apply for funding. The grant space is ever changing and businesses often find the grant application process a difficult task.

The Grants Guide was developed by Tourism and Events Queensland to provide businesses with information on how to become 'grant ready'. The Grants Guide provides useful information on grants and how they can help your business. The Grants Guide also gives advice on how to search for the right grant, and how to write a great grant application.

View the Grants Guide to help you on your grant application journey through four simple steps:

  1. Being Eligible
  2. Being competitive
  3. Lodging your application
  4. Meeting your commitments

The QTIC Grants Gateway 

The QGG provides information on available funding programs and sources of information and advice for prospective, new and existing tourism operators, community and not-for-profit organisations and individuals.