TEQ’s social media channels include:


The Visit Queensland, Australia Facebook page is a visual way of inspiring prospective travellers to take a Queensland holiday by featuring Queensland photography, videos, blog posts and event information.

How we can work together
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Join in any relevant conversations by commenting on posts that relate to you, or answering user questions in posts
  • Tag our TEQ Facebook page in your Facebook posts
  • Send us your epic, shareable content.


Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that is perfect for capturing holiday moments. Queensland monitors the #thisisqueensland hashtag and all of our tagged photos (this is where your photo sits when you tag us in the image) for awesome photos to feature. High-quality, emotive content works best.

How we can work together
  • Follow us on Instagram @queensland 
  • Tag your Instagram pics with @queensland and always include the hashtag #thisisqueensland and we’ll re-post our favourites
  • Re-posted Instagram photos are featured on our consumer website, Facebook page and Twitter
  • Share your hashtag with TEQ and we will include it on our posts from your destination where we can
  • Also use #seeaustralia to let @Australia know about your photos too, as well as your RTO's hashtag.


The real-time nature of Twitter allows us to share Queensland content that is clever, playful, timely and shareable. We also use Twitter for online customer service where we answer travellers' questions.

How we can work together
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Engage with us in any relevant conversations
  • Tag your tweets with @queensland and #thisqueensland and we’ll retweet our favourites
  • Send us your excellent shareable content, let us know of any upcoming campaigns, events or projects we can support.


As the second most popular search engine, YouTube is a place where we feature entertaining and informative destination videos and curate high-quality content that our partners and influencers create about Queensland.

How we can work together

Subscribe to the Queensland YouTube channel
  • Add your comments to any relevant videos 
  • Send us your excellent shareable video content

How to connect with TEQ on social media:

Have your Queensland content shared with the world.

  1. Notify your Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) - TEQ works closely with Queensland’s 13 RTOs to identify content sources. Your RTO may be able to use your content too.
  2. Use the #thisisqueensland hashtag on social channels, or tag us in the image or caption.
  3. Tag your RTO, LTO and Australia for greater reach.

TEQ closely monitors the #thisisqueensland hashtag on social media channels. Share individual pieces of content through your own channels and use this hashtag, or tag us, to allow TEQ to quickly and easily share your content.

Your chances of being featured increases when you share this information with your visitors as well, so they can share their experiences with us too.

Content you can use on social media:

UPDATED AUGUST 2020: TEQ has recently updated Queensland’s destination content banks – a series of supportive content for the tourism and events industry to use within their own social and digital channels. The content banks include: 
  • Suggested social posts.
  • Popular editorial content that can be shared.
  • Videos that can be shared.
  • Links to key destination content and social channels to stay connected.
Any tourism business or event organiser can access the content for use in their own marketing. 

Best-practice social media guide

Queensland’s Content Framework outlines best practices for social media content, how to effectively use content through each of the phases of the holiday planning cycle, best-practice tactics and the tools and tips needed to ensure coordinated efforts in sourcing, creating and promoting authentic and memorable content across owned channels. 

Queensland's Content Framework