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TEQ's COVID-19 strategy - reset, restart and regenerate

TEQ's Chief Executive Officer Leanne Coddington explains the organisation's approach to supporting the state's tourism and events industry through the impacts of COVID-19.

TEQ's current marketing

Good to Go campaign

TEQ's Good to Go campaign aims to inspire visitors to explore the very best of their own backyard and reconnect with friends and family. The Good to Go campaign is running across print, social, digital, radio, television and out-of-home advertising targeting holiday visitors and those travelling overnight to visit friends and relatives. Read more here, including how to get involved in the campaign.

As the COVID-19 situation in Australia continues to evolve, TEQ continues to take a measured approach to the roll-out of the Good to Go campaign, with the campaign now running across four states - Queensland, South Australia, ACT and some targeted digital marketing in parts of Northern NSW.

Within the state, the message to Queenslanders is evolving to ask 'how far will you go for Queensland?', aimed at encouraging travel throughout the entire state. Radio and TV activity is now carrying this message, in addition to a series of billboards.

TEQ has also commenced rolling out campaign activity promoting its reimagined It's Live! in Queensland events calendar, highlighting events across the state which are 'Good to Go' for the remainder of 2020. The campaign will run until the end of the year, delivered through print, radio and social media. Its aim is to drive event awareness and holiday bookings throughout the state between now and the end of the year.

Ongoing domestic and international marketing:

TEQ continues to provide inspirational content in international and domestic markets to keep Queensland top of mind now and when global travel resumes. We are also making the most of our spectacular and inspiring Queensland imagery to connect with social media users who are in isolation or feeling anxious during this time, sending them serenity and calm from Queensland. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic around the world, Queensland continues to thrive - whether in nature, or the many examples of our wonderful human spirit around the state. This concept is what is inspiring TEQ's marketing team as the basis of our marketing during this time, and to help Queensland's tourism businesses share a similar story of hope and positivity, we've put together some content guidelines outlining our approach, titled 'Project Thrive'. The guidelines are intended to help you shape your social media and other messages during the key stages of the pandemic - from the 'homebound' state, to emergence and eventually return to travel. View the content guidelines.

Read our weekly marketing updates in our industry e-newsletter 'Eye on Q'.

TEQ's Industry Update Series

24 September 2020 - TEQ's Chief Executive Officer Leanne Coddington talks about the September school holidays, her trip to Toowoomba and the Scenic Rim last week, the positive flow-through from events taking place and the ongoing support for industry during the current pandemic.

21 August 2020 - TEQ's Chief Executive Officer has just returned from part two of her Queensland roadtrip, this time visiting the northern half of the state to hear the challenges businesses are facing and share TEQ's marketing activities and opportunities.

Latest Videos

6 August 2020 - In this week's update, TEQ CEO Leanne Coddington acknowledges the challenge of evolving COVID-19 restrictions and provides an overview of TEQ's marketing strategy.

30 July 2020 - Join TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington from the Capricorn Caves to hear the feedback from around the state as she embarks on the first part of a road trip to meet with industry stakeholders, hear concerns and share TEQ's strategy.

9 July 2020 - In the latest instalment of TEQ's Industry Update Series, TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington is enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead for Queensland's tourism industry as the state's border reopens tomorrow (except to Victoria) and TEQ's Good To Go campaign kicks-off interstate.

18 June 2020 - TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington talks about the many aviation announcements over the past fortnight, setting up travellers to take off to Queensland with increased flights and routes now and into the future. Leanne also highlights some early results from an international campaign, and the importance of assuring travellers that your business is COVID Safe.

7 June 2020 - TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington talks about the newly launched 'Good to Go' campaign to drive intrastate tourism. The campaign, which aims to inspire Queenslanders to explore the very best of their own backyard, will target holiday visitors and those travelling to reconnect with family and friends.

15 May 2020 - TEQ, in partnership with the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation and Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) hosted a live industry update for tourism and events businesses. A dedicated page has been established to address the hundreds of questions raised during the session, and also lists where in the recording you can skip forward to in order to listen to each speaker.

30 April - TEQ Board member James Dixon talks about what it might look like coming out the other side from an operator's perspective. He considers some of the impacts of social distancing, future changes to the distribution system and the opportunities that the domestic market have to offer.

23 April - 'Reset, restart, regenerate'. Join TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington as she discusses the six key areas of focus for the organisation to support Queensland's tourism and events industry's recovery post-COVID-19. This short session with Leanne covers TEQ’s initial planning and actions across marketing and consumer demand, events, experiences, aviation, research and industry engagement, and asks some thought provoking questions that businesses need to consider while resetting, and preparing to re-enter the market.

16 April - TEQ Board member Chris Mills speaks about the impacts of COVID-19 on the aviation industry and how the transition to re-opening travel might roll out. 

8 April - Easter message from TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington.

2 April - TEQ Board member Karen Hanna Miller talks about the vast impact of COVID-19 on the tourism and events industry, shares some tips on what businesses can focus on now, and highlights the impact to Queensland’s events calendar throughout this challenging time.

17 March - TEQ's CEO Leanne Coddington addresses the state's tourism and events industry, outlining the support available for businesses and providing an update on TEQ's marketing activities.

TEQ's Global market and aviation updates

TEQ is producing a regular update on the status of global markets and aviation to help Queensland's tourism businesses gain insights into the state of travel, aviation and the impacts of COVID-19 around the world. The update also includes TEQ and competitor marketing activity, trade activity and more.

8 October 2020 update

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International market-specific marketing updates

TEQ's international offices have also commenced producing comprehensive updates on their marketing activities, showcasing recent work, updating on the status of their market and providing insights to TEQ's strategy in that market. View the updates here.

Keep up to date

TEQ is updating these COVID-19 webpages daily with the latest information available and links to the official sources of information to help businesses make informed decisions and access support. 

Tourism and events businesses can also keep up-to-date with industry news, information and TEQ updates through 'Eye on Q', our industry newsletter. View recent editions here.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact your Regional Tourism Organisation, or TEQ Destination Director. Contacts.