Tourism and Events Industry Update - 15 May 2020

Tourism and Events Queensland, in partnership with the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation (DSDTI) and Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC), hosted a live, virtual industry update on Friday, 15 May 2020. You can view the recording of the update below.

Attendees were invited to submit questions before and during the event, and more than 350 questions were submitted. TEQ, DSDTI and QTIC have worked together to respond to as many questions as possible. There were many that were very similar, and these have been grouped under themed headings for ease of reference. Further responses will be released to this webpage as they are available.

Watch the recording of the Industry Update:

If you’d like to watch a specific presentation, or response to a specific question:

  • The Hon. Kate Jones, Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation: 03:30 minutes
  • Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer: 08:30 minutes
  • Daniel Gschwind, CEO QTIC: 13:00 minutes
    • Question – Minister Jones – Government support available: 19:25 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – why no overnight travel until Stage Two: 23:00 minutes
    • Question – Minister Jones – roadmap beyond Stage Three: 26:10 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – roadmap beyond Stage Three: 28:20 minutes
    • Question – Daniel Gschwind – who signs off COVID SAFE Plans and resources to help write COVID SAFE Plans: 31:00 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – how to calculate and configure customers: 32:40 minutes
    • Question – Daniel Gschwind – will there be 1:1 advice on COVID SAFE Plans: 35:45 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – timeline for events: 36:50 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – what does the future of events look like: 37:45 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – explaining why Outback has had more restrictions eased, and whether other parts of Queensland could also travel further than 250km: 40:15
  • Leanne Coddington, CEO TEQ: 42:30 minutes
  • Michael Branagh, Group Executive Marketing TEQ: 56:10 minutes
  • Scott Collins, Sports and Lifestyle Events Director TEQ: 1:11:30 minutes
    • Question – Leanne Coddington – aviation route development: 1:15:30 minutes
    • Question – Michael Branagh – how to leverage TEQ’s marketing: 1:17:10 minutes

Questions and Answers


There were a large number of questions about what businesses need to do to develop COVID SAFE Plans. Please find the latest information on this topic on our 'Operating your business safely' page.


A significant number of questions were asked during the Industry Update relating to the health directions and future roadmap. Many of the responses are still being collated together with Queensland Health, however in the meantime there is a very helpful resource to answer many questions on the Business Queensland website, as well this FAQ document specific to Stage One of the roadmap. 

Q: The Outback has been allowed greater travel distances, and overnight travel from Stage One. Why can’t other regional parts of Queensland that have had no cases be allowed to travel further, sooner?

A: You can hear Dr Young speak about why the Outback has additional allowances, and the risks in extending travel further than 250km, at both the 23:00 minute and 40:15 minute mark of the recording above.

Q: When will North Stradbroke Island open back up to visitors?

A: Minjerribah Recreation Area is now open for day-use visitors. See Park Alerts.

Q: I’m keen to know the plan beyond Stage Three, specifically for events (including business events) and international travel. When will we have a roadmap beyond Stage Three?

A: You can hear from Minister Jones and Dr Young on this topic from around the 26:00 minute mark in the recording above. 

Q: How are restrictions likely to roll back for events? What do you think events look like in the future? Will they need to downscale for quite some time? A series of smaller events within a bigger event? Preference for outdoors? Temperature checks? What about stadiums/spectator events? What about business events?
A: You can hear from Dr Young on this topic from around the 36:50 minute mark in the recording above.

Q: Regarding real estate sales, what are the guidelines for properties for sale within apartments? Why are home owners not permitted to access properties?

A: For information we suggest you visit to find out more about the real estate industry.


Q: Will there be additional funding for events? Festivals? Support programs for events? Assistance for small events? Funding to attract national conferences?

A: The Queensland Government has a large number of funding support packages available to support a wide range of businesses across the state, including a number of new support packages announced on Tuesday, 19 May. The Coronavirus business assistance finder allows you to enter some basic details about the size and type of your business, and will breakdown which programs and support you might be eligible for.

TEQ will continue to support events through the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar as well as three funding programs including major event investment, business events and the Queensland Destination Events Program (QDEP). Visit TEQ’s website for more information.

Additionally, you may wish to apply for support through alternative Queensland Government departments or agencies. Existing funding and support resources: 

Q: I note you mentioned that the next round of QDEP will open soon. What is your recommendation to event organisers who are currently holding out hoping that their events can be held at the end of 2020, but their backup plans are for events during the next round of QDEP (May 2021 -onwards). Should they be applying in that next round to avoid missing out? What happens to those events that don't apply and then their event gets cancelled and then they land in that next QDEP time period. Will there possibly be some more rounds next year to allow for this?

A: TEQ understands the difficult and uncertain position event organisers are facing during this time and will continue to support the industry through its event funding programs, including QDEP. It is important to read and understand the QDEP guidelines prior to submitting an application for QDEP support. Concessions have been made for event organisers to apply for 2021 event support utilising 2019 (annual) or 2018 (biennial) event data. Additionally, there are three opportunities each year to apply for QDEP support. Please ensure your event dates fall within the respective eligibility period. There are currently no additional funding rounds planned.

For more information please visit our website. If you would like to discuss your specific scenario with a QDEP team member, please email

Q: Are you lobbying for Government to differentiate between Business Events (where people can be traced) and public events?

A: State and national tourism industry councils are aware of the issue and are in regular discussions with State and Federal Governments.  

Q: What grants are available to support businesses? What support is there for hotels? Are there grants to support recovery? How do you find, apply for and understand criteria of support programs?

A: The Queensland Government has a large number of funding support packages available to support a wide range of businesses across the state, including a number of new support packages announced on Tuesday, 19 May.

This includes:

  • $50 million program to support Queensland's Tourism Industry by fast tracking tourism projects and assist our national tourism icons.
  • $100 million Small Business Adaption Grants Program - to help sustain small businesses so they can succeed post-COVID-19 (now closed for applications).
  • $7 million domestic tourism campaign - to support jobs and businesses in our tourism regions by marketing Queensland as the destination of choice for Australian travellers.
  • $50 million Making it for Queensland - attracting industry to grow the Queensland’s advanced manufacturing capacity, particularly biomedical and health.

Further, to support business and families, the Queensland Government has invested $6 billion in a range of assistance initiatives, including significant economic support for example:

  • $1 billion Industry Support Package to support large businesses to scale back up when economic activity improves
  • $500 million for small business and worker retraining and placement initiatives, which so far includes the successful Job Finder Portal
  • $1 billion business support package including payroll tax relief; relief on certain government fees/charges such as businesses renting government premises, liquor licensing fees, and electricity bill rebates.
  • $1 billion Jobs Support Loan facility, interest free for the first 12 months, to support businesses to keep Queenslanders in work
  • $400 million to support retail and commercial tenants, delivered as land tax relief for property owners, which must be passed on to tenants.

For more information on the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Strategy, please click here.

The Coronavirus business assistance finder allows you to enter some basic details about the size and type of your business, and will breakdown which programs and support you might be eligible for.

Q: What are the KPIs for government investments made?

A: Queensland’s Economic Recovery Strategy will be underpinned by the following guiding principles which will save and create jobs to get Queenslanders back to work:

  • Adapt to build a more resilient and stronger economy
  • Invest in productive infrastructure for the future
  • Build our regions based on Queensland’s strengths
  • Create an environment for business confidence and investment
  • Support Queensland communities to be healthier and more united

For more information on the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Strategy, please click here.

Q: Can you try and secure additional funding for the QLD Government loan facility through QRIDA? If we’ve been knocked back, do we need to reapply?


Jobs Support Loan Scheme

From the QRIDA website: Due to unprecedented demand, the Queensland Government announced an additional $500 million in funding for the initial COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan scheme, taking total scheme funding to $1 billion. The additional funding is available to businesses that have already submitted their application for assistance and have not yet been processed. Applications will continue to be assessed up until the $1 billion in funding is fully committed. No new applications will be received. Visit the website for further information and timelines.

The opening of COVID-19 Jobs Support Loan Scheme on 25 March saw more than 2,500 applications received in just the first 48 hours, with hundreds continuing to be submitted each day. To-date over 4 200 loans have been approved, supporting over 53 000 jobs.

Small Business Adaptation Grant Program

On Tuesday 19 May 2020, the Premier announced $100 million in small business grants and training to combat COVID-19. The $100 million Small Business Adaptation Grant program which will provide grants of up to $10,000 to small businesses to help them counter the impacts of COVID-19 has received an overwhelming number of applications and is now closed to new applications. The program received over 11,700 submitted applications.

The new grants program had been developed to assist those small businesses forced into hibernation, to restructure or to significantly change their business operations or move online.

Submitted applications are currently being processed and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training will be in contact with the applicants as soon as possible. For more information about the process businesses are encouraged to visit, phone 1300 654 687 or email

Q: When will successful applicants of Round 5 of Building our Regions be announced?

A: For information about the Queensland Government’ Building Our Regions program, please click here.

Q: Is the Ignite Fund re-opening?

A: For information about the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas Fund, please click here.

Q: Who do we clarify and discuss the option of an extension of JobKeeper with until April 2021 for operators affected by the summer season?

A: JobKeeper is a Federal Government program. For more information, please visit the ATO website.

NOTE: Information to assist with accurate responses to some of the questions submitted during the webinar are changing rapidly as events unfold. These issues may take longer to investigate and information in relation to these will be provided at a future date. Other useful resources for more information on the various support packages available can be found here: