Tourism and Events Industry Update - 15 May 2020

Tourism and Events Queensland, in partnership with the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation (DSDTI) and Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC), hosted a live, virtual industry update on Friday, 15 May 2020. You can view the recording of the update below.

Attendees were invited to submit questions before and during the event, and more than 350 questions were submitted. TEQ, DSDTI and QTIC have worked together to respond to as many questions as possible. There were many that were very similar, and these have been grouped under themed headings for ease of reference. See all questions and answers here.

Watch the recording of the Industry Update:

If you’d like to watch a specific presentation, or response to a specific question:

  • The Hon. Kate Jones, Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation: 03:30 minutes
  • Dr Jeannette Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer: 08:30 minutes
  • Daniel Gschwind, CEO QTIC: 13:00 minutes
    • Question – Minister Jones – Government support available: 19:25 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – why no overnight travel until Stage Two: 23:00 minutes
    • Question – Minister Jones – roadmap beyond Stage Three: 26:10 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – roadmap beyond Stage Three: 28:20 minutes
    • Question – Daniel Gschwind – who signs off COVID SAFE Plans and resources to help write COVID SAFE Plans: 31:00 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – how to calculate and configure customers: 32:40 minutes
    • Question – Daniel Gschwind – will there be 1:1 advice on COVID SAFE Plans: 35:45 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – timeline for events: 36:50 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – what does the future of events look like: 37:45 minutes
    • Question – Dr Young – explaining why Outback has had more restrictions eased, and whether other parts of Queensland could also travel further than 250km: 40:15
  • Leanne Coddington, CEO TEQ: 42:30 minutes
  • Michael Branagh, Group Executive Marketing TEQ: 56:10 minutes
  • Scott Collins, Sports and Lifestyle Events Director TEQ: 1:11:30 minutes
    • Question – Leanne Coddington – aviation route development: 1:15:30 minutes
    • Question – Michael Branagh – how to leverage TEQ’s marketing: 1:17:10 minutes