Drive tourism has been identified as an important market for the Queensland tourism industry through the Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015

Growth in this market will be achieved through a coordinated and collaborative approach to marketing and promotion from the wide range of stakeholders who have a role in promoting Queensland tourism experiences.
TEQ focuses activity on increasing the visibility and saleability of drive tourism experiences in Queensland. Queensland's strategic self-drive routes are on

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Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy

The Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015 was launched on 24 January 2013. The strategy contains 29 actions to be delivered over three years that aim to build stronger partnerships between government and industry, and to help Queensland become Australia's number one tourist destination. Major achievements to date include the release of:

QTIC Drive Alliance

The QTIC Drive Alliance provides an important link between the tourism industry network and drive tourism stakeholders including government bodies. TEQ sits on the committee which is designed to inform the implementation of the Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015 and address other Queensland drive tourism issues.

Understanding Queensland's Touring Market

More than 14 million domestic and international visitors have toured Queensland in the 11 years from 2000 to 2010. In this time, visitors to Queensland spent $22 billion and in 2010 directly accounted for around 15,400 jobs.


The following touring market research explores the touring market and includes where visitors from this market stay and which Queensland destinations they visit.

  • Understanding Queensland’s Domestic Touring Market
  • Understanding Queensland’s International Touring Market
  • Understanding Queensland’s Touring Market - Regional data
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