There is growing evidence to show that businesses and local councils who are prepared to provide better information and physical access, as well as appropriate and respectful customer service will create more opportunities to tap into the growing accessibility market. ATDW have made some recent changes to the accessibility facilities information within ATDW-Online. 

Summary of Accessibility changes:
  • Accessibility will now become a mandatory field.

In addition to the mandatory information the following are now optional fields:

  • Communication and allergies
  • Detailed facilities and services content
  • Access statement URL

What is an Access Statement?
A statement that should be displayed on your business website for easy viewing by visitors. The access statement outlines and displays images of the accessible facilities within the property.

All existing information in your listing has been reflected in the new model.
If you have previously marked that you are an accessible business, your ATDW-Online listing has been copied to the new data model. This will mean that your ATDW listing will automatically meet the mandatory requirements, however we do encourage you to login and check your listing to see if there are any of the new facilities that you can now add. 
 Accessibility Information - Woman in wheelchair feeding a Wallaby
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What do you need to do?
Login to your ATDW listing now and help make the ATDW a reliable and key source of inclusive content nationwide.