25 July 2021

A major new $2.4 million aspirational tourism campaign has today launched inspiring Queenslanders to experience ‘Days Like This’ in their home state.

The campaign, featuring Van Morrison’s famous song which has been re-recorded with a distinctly Queensland feel by local musicians Tia Gostelow and Busby Marou, is the first step in a long-term strategy to maintain Queensland’s brand leadership position.

The campaign is designed to stir emotions and showcases holiday moments that are joyful, boost wellbeing, drive emotional connections to people and places, and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

A major campaign like this aims to keep Queensland first in people’s minds when they’re planning and booking their next trip. TEQ will partner with travel retailers to market ‘Days Like This’ holiday packages and deals, supporting tourism businesses around the state.

The 'Days Like This' television commercial is expected to reach 2.9 million Queenslanders aged 18+ (almost the entire state's 18+ population), by taking advantage of huge broadcast audiences tuning into the Tokyo Olympics coverage, as well as leveraging the highly-rated Survivor Australia series, which was filmed in Outback Queensland. The campaign will also feature in print outlets, broadcast video on demand, out of home, cinema and social media. It will also extend when travel restrictions have eased, to inspire both Aussies and Kiwis to experience ‘Days Like This’ in Queensland.

Learn more about the 'Days Like This' campaign

Days Like This Webinar

Industry Briefing - 26 July 2021

TEQ hosted a virtual industry briefing on Monday 26 July 2021 to share all the details of the new 'Days Like This' campaign.

Days Like This

Campaign Fact Sheet

Our campaign fact sheet has been designed to help tourism and events businesses around Queensland understand what 'Days Like This' aims to achieve, and how it fits in with the evolution of Queensland's brand.

  • Campaign and creative background
  • Target audience and timing
  • Campaign objectives
  • Creative examples
  • What you can do to leverage the campaign
Days Like This Whitehaven

Leverage the campaign's media buy for your own advertising

TEQ's IMATE has a range of packages available for businesses who would like to leverage the 'Days Like This' campaign media buy for their own advertising.