Current international marketing update

With Australia’s international border closure due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TEQ is focused on maintaining positive trade relationships and providing inspiring content, which is key to Queensland's recovery capabilities in international markets in the future. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic around the world, Queensland continues to thrive – whether in nature, or the many examples of our wonderful human spirit around the state. This concept is what is inspiring TEQ’s marketing team as the basis of our marketing during this time.

Global market and aviation updates

TEQ is producing a regular update on the status of global markets and aviation to help Queensland's tourism businesses gain insights into the state of travel, aviation and the impacts of COVID-19 around the world. See this page.

International market showcase

TEQ's international offices have commenced producing comprehensive updates on their marketing activities, showcasing recent work, updating on the status of their market and providing insights to TEQ's strategy in that market.

19 November 2020 - South Korea update

5 November 2020 - New Zealand update

22 October 2020 - South East Asia update

8 October 2020 - Europe update

24 September 2020 - Greater China update

10 September 2020 - North America update

27 August 2020 - India update

13 August 2020 - Japan update

22 July 2020 - UK update

More information

For further information about international markets and marketing opportunities please contact:

Western Markets: Michael Sommer

Eastern Markets: Emma Hanson