Great Queensland Getaway – Phase Two

The Great Queensland Getaway is back!

In February 2022, TEQ will launch the second phase of the Great Queensland Getaway - this time nationwide. TEQ has planned a major national media partnership that will run across multiple channels to promote the campaign. Through this activity, we expect to drive large volumes of highly qualified travel intenders into To make the most of this campaign, we encourage tourism businesses to put forward deals that will capture the attention of interstate consumers. 

This is not a subsidised promo code/travel voucher campaign like the first phase of the Great Queensland Getaway. There is no reimbursement of promo code discounts included in this second phase. Instead, all bookable tourism operators can take part. There is no charge to participate, you just need to have a great deal on offer.

This page provides resources for tourism businesses to prepare to take part in the campaign. This information is for industry briefing purposes only.

Campaign Factsheet  Factsheet Find out about the campaign, how it will work, and what you need to do to take part.
Industry briefing  Video Watch this three minute briefing on the new phase of the Great Queensland Getaway for an overview of how the campaign will work.
ATDW how-to
  If you need help joining ATDW, click here
Loading a profile or loading a deal, click here

Please enter the following dates while loading your deals:
In-Market Start Date: 13 February 2022
In-Market End Date: 27 February 2022

Validity Start Date: 13 February 2022
Validity End Date: 30 June 2022

Load your deal to ATDW by latest 9 February to allow for ATDW review and approvals
Being COVID Safe
 Webpage All operators must be COVID Safe to participate in TEQ’s campaign.
Operator Style Guide
  Coming soon.

Queensland’s tourism businesses are encouraged to download the campaign logo and leverage the campaign when it launches.
IMATE Packages   If you want to maximise your presence on you can choose a low-cost priority placement from IMATE. Operators who bought into these packages in the first phase of the Great Queensland Getaway saw significant benefits to their overall bookings and return on investment from the campaign. There will also be a range of other opportunities through IMATE. 

Link to packages coming soon.

For more information, questions or support, please contact TEQ’s operator support team:
Monday to Friday | During business hours
Ph: 07 3216 0040

For more information to leverage your campaign with IMATE, please contact:
Monday to Friday | During business hours

Great Queensland Getaway – Phase One

Update 10 January 2022: Travel period extended

We understand there is hesitation to travel right now. As such, we are pleased to announce the travel period (not booking period) for the Great Queensland Getaway has been extended until 11:59pm on Sunday, 3 April 2022. The extension will help support people with promo code bookings whose travel plans have been disrupted by the current COVID-19 situation.

As the booking period for this campaign has already concluded, this extension of the travel period is only for bookings that need to be rescheduled with the operator due to the current situation. New bookings, or changing a booking to a different operator cannot be accepted.

Operators participating in the campaign have been directly emailed more information. If you missed it, you can contact

Information for promo code holders is over at

Great Queensland Getaway – Phase One resources

Operator Handbook   Handbook   The ultimate guide - this is your go-to on how the campaign works. 

How to take or change a promo code booking
 Guide  Video You must 'claim' the promo code at the time of booking to secure funding for this campaign.

Click here to access the Operator Portal.
How to claim reimbursement post-travel
 Guide  Video This guide will help you be reimbursed for your bookings once the customer has travelled.

Click here to access the Operator Portal.

Operator Terms and Conditions (updated 13.10.2021).

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 13.10.2021).

For more information, questions or support, please contact TEQ’s operator support team during business hours: 
Ph: 07 3216 0040