Million Dollar Memo Infographic

In 2011, hundreds of companies from around the world were sent a Million Dollar Memo inviting them to compete for the ultimate reward - $1 million worth of incentive travel experiences in Queensland. Businesses were asked to submit a 60-second video explaining what made their company a great place to work at, and why Queensland was the ultimate reward destination for their staff.

290 companies applied from 69 different industry sectors in 28 different countries. The initiative generated approximately $25 million in global publicity value, with 2.8 million Facebook impressions, and had 682,986 unique website visitors in five months in 194 countries. The Million Dollar Memo won the Society of Incentive Travel Executives Crystal Award for 'Most Effective Incentive Marketing Campaign/Promotion Within the Industry'. 

Indonesia's ADR Group of Companies, an automotive parts producer, won the Million Dollar Memo.