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Visitor Information Centres (VICs) play an important role in Queensland's tourism industry.  They make a significant economic contribution to tourism, particularly in regional areas, by providing information to visitors that encourages them to stay longer, spend more money, experience more attractions and revisit. VICs also create significant social benefits, as many rely heavily on a volunteer workforce and operate as an important community facility.

In recent years there has been increased recognition of the role of VICs and their importance in providing high quality tourist information.


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Feedback about accredited VICs

We welcome your feedback regarding any of the Queensland Accredited VICs. Opportunities to commend and congratulate VICs and handling negative feedback about a VIC helps us ensure they operate to the high standard of the Signage Policy.  All feedback should be directed to:

VIC Secretariat
Visit Queensland Pty Ltd
Melanie Sands - Administration Manager

Phone: 0459 992 030
Email: info@visitqueensland.com.au

If you intend to lodge a complaint, please note:
  • the purpose of the complaints process is to determine if a VIC has breached the accreditation criteria
  • all complaints need to be in writing, naming the relevant VIC and detailing the concerns, and submitted to the VIC Secretariat 
  • the Secretariat will investigate the complaint and may ask the VIC to respond in writing.  If the VIC is found to be in breach of the criteria the Secretariat will request that the breach is rectified and will monitor the situation
  • the VIC Secretariat will write to the complainant detailing the outcome
  • more serious or unresolved breaches of the accreditation policy will be escalated to the QLD VIC Signage Committee for review. The VIC will have an opportunity to present to the Committee
  • the complainant may choose to remain anonymous
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VIC App Info Centre Finder

TEQ has developed a smartphone application (an App) to help visitors locate accredited VICs across Queensland. The App supports your VIC and local operators by directing travellers to visit your centre and find out more about your region’s attractions.
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TEQ has a wealth of resources to help you manage your VIC, including training material, the Signage policy, marketing help, Accreditation application forms and more.  Find information to help you here