Ordering Showreel Footage And Vignettes

Our showreels highlight the dramatic diversity and natural splendour in Queensland. Access to this vision is for travel and tourism industry professionals, media and anyone seeking professional footage for use in the positive promotion of Queensland.

To supply you with high definition (broadcast quality) footage and shot lists, please email us at visual.gallery@queensland.com

Please include in your email answers to the below questions, including as much detail as possible. Please note that costs may apply.


Why is the footage required? What will the footage be promoting?

Type of footage:

Are there particular destinations, locations or scenes you require? Do you have particular needs around what talent is featured in the footage?


Who will be viewing the footage – will it be shown to, e.g., an overseas market such as China; English language students living in Melbourne or attendees at an event?

How will the footage be viewed:

How will the audience view the footage – e.g. online, television, out of home, a large format screen, webinar etc.


Please specify the duration/amount of footage you need – e.g. 30 seconds, 5 minutes etc.

File Format:

What format you would like to receive the footage in – e.g. high definition, mp4 files or mov. files, broadcast quality. Do you require raw footage so that you can edit the footage? 

Please be aware of, and observe the following Criteria for TEQ Image and Footage Usage:

  • These images and footage are to be used for the positive promotion of Queensland holidays and Queensland tourism businesses.
  • Each image is to be acknowledged - "Courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland". Where possible, the same should be done for footage. 
  • Images must be captioned with the correct location (click image to view information on Location) and Queensland or Queensland, Australia. Where possible, the same should be done for footage.
  • The image and footage may only be used to promote the region/destination as per the location identified. Generic images and close ups of food/talent/animals/objects where the destination is not identifiable do not have to be identified as the destination.
  • Images and footage containing talent (people) may not be used for non-tourism commercial use - due to talent agreements.
  • Images and footage are not to be used for retail products without prior permission. No postcards, billboards or calendars.

For full terms and conditions, please visit: https://visuals.queensland.com/