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Business opportunity: Train frontline Aussie agents from home

05 November 2020

Tourism Australia's Aussie Specialist Program now includes Australian frontline travel sellers, providing an opportunity for tourism businesses to train agents through the free online training platform.
You can provide a simple, short and sharp training video (can be filmed on phone) to be loaded to the platform, sharing your latest news and key selling points for agents to use.
  • Keep it less than five minutes - short, sharp and interesting.
  • You could include a virtual tour with an engaging live guide, a recorded webinar or get creative.
  • Share key messages that agents can use to sell your product to clients - how will they feel when they experience your product? What makes you different from others?
  • Pretend you are talking face-to-face to the agent - use a conversational tone and keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • Show your passion and have fun!

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