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International update

23 December 2020

Statement from Leanne Coddington, TEQ CEO:
With the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 being felt across the globe, and a high level of uncertainty surrounding when each international market will resume travel to Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland have, through mutual agreement, concluded the in-market representation contracts for North America, India and Continental Europe.

The decision to do so was not an easy one, and I sincerely thank Arredondo Wigginton Marketing in the US, Quay Representation and Consulting India and Global Spot in Germany for their years of hard work, passion and commitment in promoting Queensland. While international visitation remains a vital part of TEQ’s long-term strategy, our immediate focus remains on supporting the Queensland tourism industry by maximising the opportunity currently presented in the domestic market.

We want to reiterate that we are not exiting the markets and North America, India and Europe all remain key source markets for Queensland. TEQ and the three agencies will work together during a transition period over the next three months, ensuring priority projects and core business functions continue to be delivered and our valued relationships are maintained.

As we work through the transition we will confirm our ongoing arrangements. We wish to recognise that all three agencies, in partnership with the Queensland tourism industry, have delivered outstanding work and results for Queensland including globally recognised trade, aviation and media campaigns and initiatives.