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New year, new traveller demands

14 January 2021

With a new year here, travel trends and traveller demands have certainly evolved. Keep up with the latest to ensure your business keeps pace with demand.

Tourism Australia’s (and other leading agencies) predicted travel trends for 2021 are outlined in this story by Nine – how are you going to cater to these traveller desires?

Hootsuite surveyed 11,000 marketers to establish the five most important social media trends to watch for in 2021. From personalisation to finding a place in conversations, this blog takes you through what to watch for and practical tips on how to make the most of opportunities.

Uncover business blind spots, identify new market opportunities and get a head start on 'new normal' consumer trends with this free COVID-19 Business Toolkit, produced by Meltwater. The toolkit provides a framework to start planning an effective brand strategy for the year ahead to help adapt to change and react to threats and opportunities.