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New data reveals the emerging tourism markets in Queensland

12 December 2017

International Visitor Survey results

Queensland tourism has boomed over the last 12 months according to data released by the state government this week.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones said International Visitor Survey data showed Queensland had raked in a record $5.3 billion in international overnight visitor expenditure in the year ending September 2017 -  an increase of 2.5 per cent.

International visitation to Queensland also increased three per cent to a record 2.6 million with numbers growing in all of the state’s 11 tourism regions.

“Luring more international visitors to Queensland has been one of the Palaszczuk Government’s biggest achievements and this data goes to show how important this is for our economy,” she said.

“Chinese visitors spent a record $1.08 billion in Queensland over the last year and remain our largest market when it comes to overnight visitor expenditure. 

“China is also our most important market when it comes to sheer numbers with a record 488,000 visiting the sunshine state over the last year.”

Also on the list of the state’s top tourism markets were New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ms Jones said it was also important to note strong growth in emerging tourism markets.

“Indian visitor numbers grew by a whopping 18.3 per cent – that’s a record 71,000 people,” she said.

“Even more impressive is Indian expenditure which grew by more than 50 per cent to a record $144.9 million in the last year. This is mainly due to an increase in spending from Indian students.

“Hong Kong was also strong – visitation was up 4.5 per cent to 66,000 people while expenditure grew 24.2 per cent to $182.7 million.

“Across all destinations, the number of people visiting Queensland for education has grown massively in the last year – up by 18.1 per cent to a record 115,000 people.

“The Palaszczuk Government has been one of the greatest pioneers of education tourism in Australia and this is proof of our achievements in this space over the last three years.”

German visitation grew six per cent to a record high of 92,000 visitors. Expenditure grew by 10 per cent to $191.6 million.

Ms Jones said Taiwan was yet another strong performer for Queensland with expenditure growing 11.2 per cent to $229.2 million and visitation growing 6.6 per cent to 74,000 people in the last year.