Past Media Releases

Tourism and Events Queensland's winter insert co-operative advertising opportunity

27 April 2016

Tourism and Events Queensland is producing a 24-page winter magazine to be inserted into The Sunday Telegraph (full New South Wales run) on 19 June 2016. The magazine will showcase ideas and experiences over the winter holiday period in Queensland, highlighting some of the ‘hidden gem’ experiences the State has to offer.  

Content has been tailored to a Sydney/NSW audience with editorial based on:

  • Great Barrier Reef and Queensland islands
  • Winter holiday ideas including ‘hidden gem’ experiences
  • Queensland events 
  • Insider tips – user generated content  
Queensland tourism operators are invited to advertise in the winter insert appearing in The Sunday Telegraph in June at heavily discounted rates. The Sunday Telegraph has the opportunity to reach up to 1.1 million readers.

Booking deadline is Monday 16 May with bookings confirmed on a first in best fit basis. View the advertising proposal here.