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Tourism provides $25 billion boost to state’s economy

28 June 2017

Tourism is now worth $25b to the Queensland economy and supports more than 225,000 direct and indirect jobs, new figures released today reveal. 

Tourism and Major Events Minister Kate Jones said the State Tourism Satellite Accounts data for 2015-16, released today, shows that tourism continues to play a vital role in the state’s economy.

“Tourism is a key contributor to our economy and it is pleasing to see that the state’s Gross State Product from tourism is growing at a faster rate than the national average – 8.7 per cent versus 6.9 per cent,” Ms Jones said. 

“This incorporates not only direct contributions from the tourism industry but also flow-on effects from money being spent elsewhere in the economy.”

“For every dollar spent in the tourism industry, an additional 85 cents was spent elsewhere in the state, which is great news for our economy.”

“Tourism also supports 225,000 jobs right across the state, with one in ten Queensland workers now either directly or indirectly employed in the tourism industry, a greater level of tourism employment than New South Wales and Victoria, both around 1 in 14.”

“Tourism now employs more people than the mining and agriculture, forestry and fishing industries combined in Queensland.”

“During 2015-2016, Queensland had the largest growth in total tourism jobs - 12,000 - than any other state or territory.”

“These statistics reaffirm Queensland’s reputation as a leading destination, with unique experiences, natural wonders, world-class events and unbeatable hospitality. Queensland has something for everyone.”

“We know that attracting both international and domestic visitors to our State plays a vital role in building a strong economy and via Tourism and Events Queensland, the Queensland Government is committed to continue building a strong and prosperous tourism sector via a range of different initiatives.”

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