Domestic Tourism Snapshot

These snapshots reports provide an overview of the domestic visitors to Queensland and its regions. The information includes number of visitors, their reason for travel and their expenditure, and is supplemented by interpretations and comparisons to other tourism trends within Australia and Queensland.

Note: Due to small sample size, the three-year trend change has been used to analyse changes in the Fraser Coast, Mackay, Whitsundays and Outback regions.

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Monthly Domestic Snapshot

The recent bushfires and coronavirus (COVID-19) have had an enormous impact on Australia’s domestic tourism market. Tourism Research Australia's monthly snapshot makes it easy to monitor changes in tourism activity by state or territory and nationally.

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Community Sentiment Factsheet

TEQ conducts research bi-monthly to understand community sentiment in Queensland surrounding tourism and events, in line with TEQ’s objective of fostering community pride in Queensland.

Factsheet – Community Sentiment October 2021 >

Queensland residents have their say on tourism

This fact sheet summarises the results of the Social Indicators Study 2021 conducted with Queensland residents to determine their perceptions of tourism in their community. 

For information about the Social Indicators Study at the Regional level please see the Regional Summaries

Fact sheet - Queensland Social Indicators 2021 >

Tourism satellite accounts

Tourism in Australian states and territories

The State Tourism Satellite Account (STSA) provides a comprehensive account of the direct and indirect contribution that tourism makes to the economy of each Australian state and the nation.

It has been produced by Tourism Research Australia and includes key indicators including tourism consumption, output, gross value added (GVA), gross state product (GSP) and employment levels and share rates. Details of taxation and industry types are also included.

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Queensland one page summary 2019-20>

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Regional Tourism Satellite Account

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