Domestic visitors to Queensland and regions

These snapshot reports provide an overview of the domestic visitors to Queensland and its regions. The information includes number of visitors, their reason for travel and their expenditure, and is supplemented by interpretations and comparisons to other tourism trends within Australia and Queensland.

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A change in methodology:

In 2014 TRA moved to a new methodology for the NVS that included mobile phone interviewing as part of a dual frame overlap survey. This initiative was part of TRA’s continuous improvement program. The inclusion of mobile phone users ultimately delivers greater domestic tourism data accuracy. Advancements in the quality of mobile telephone data sets which, were implemented in the NVS build process in late 2015 caused anomalies in the growth rate of some components. This has required back-casting to align the data and allow for the continuation of the time series. Moving forward, the quality of data that the NVS produces will be more accurate as it better reflects the Australian resident population and phone ownership.

The back-cast results have seen a change in volume estimates in 2014 and 2015, results for other years have not been affected. The average growth rate over the five-year trend has not changed. However, due to the volume changes in 2014 and 2015, growth rates previously published will, in most cases, be reduced in line with the long-term trend.
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Current tourism and events reports

Please note: the data in these reports is not owned by TEQ. It is analysed by TEQ but is sourced from external providers. The source of the data is given within each report. 

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