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Tropical North Queensland Regional Snapshot

This snapshot report provides an overview of visitors to Tropical North Queensland (TNQ), with high-level details including where visitors came from, why they came and what they spent during their visit. Changes over time, drivers of change and insights into trends are also included.

TNQ Regional Snapshot Year Ending June 2017 >

Previous snapshot: Tropical North Queensland Regional Snapshot Year Ending March 2017

Tropical North Queensland residents have their say on tourism

A survey of Tropical North Queensland residents was conducted to determine their perceptions on the effect of tourism on their community. This factsheet covers the survey findings.

Fact sheet - Tropical North Queensland Social Indicators 2013 >

Tropical North Queensland operator uptake of environmental initiatives

In 2010 benchmark research on the uptake of environmental initiatives by Tropical North Queensland tourism operators was conducted. This report includes details on the uptake of energy, water and waste management initiatives.

Find more information on operator uptake of environmental adaption initiatives in Queensland, in the Tourism Operators Environmental Benchmark 2010.

Current tourism and events reports

Please note: the data in these reports is not owned by TEQ. It is analysed by TEQ but is sourced from external providers. The source of the data is given within each report. 

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