These tourism profiles provide information on the average traveller to each local area. Information includes key travel details, demographic data and the type of traveller: day trippers, domestic overnight visitors and international visitors.

Queensland data and information is also provided to highlight any similarities and differences.

The information in these profiles is sourced from Tourism Research Australia’s National Visitor Survey (NVS) and International Visitor Survey (IVS). The data is collected at the Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) rather than the local government area (LGA).

SA2s are based on population. In some instances several SA2s are aggregated into a dataset to achieve a viable sample. This is why some of the tourism profiles include multiple local government authorities (LGAs). 

To interpret this data, please consider the following:

  • Data has been sourced from national annual surveys of travellers
  • The data is indicative only
  • The data has been averaged over a four-year period to increase its stability.

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